Men’s designer socks that will take you a long way

If you look at the most successful people of any generation, you will notice that many of them will share a number of characteristics, with one of them being their sharp and obsessive attention to

detail. From artists to politicians, through to athletes, paying attention to detail and doing the small things every day can take you a long way.

That’s why you should have the same approach to your image by completing your sophisticated appearance with the London Sock Company’s designer sock collection.

Ok… it is fairly obvious that a jacket or a t-shirt is going to be more effective in promoting your style and I am not saying that the first thing people will notice about you are your socks (unless you truly have some questionable taste) but attaining a fine pair of designer socks can be that mere half a second that crosses you over the finish line in first place.

What occasions are they suited to?

One of the beauties of this collection of cotton socks is that their wide variety of colours and style, allows the owner to find the perfect pair for any occasion. This collection come in a number of different colours with neat and subtle designs. The designs include:

  • Spotted
  • Patterned
  • Striped
  • Traditional

Do you have an important meeting with a potential future client? Then why not slip on a pair of rich maroon dotted socks to add a touch of elegance to your sophisticated appearance.

Or is it more of a casual outing with friends or family, where you are able to adopt to a less formal look? Perfect. You can put on the London Sock Company’s orange ‘shaken and stirred’ pair, that will add a colourful tinge whilst maintaining a sharp look.

What about the material?

Again for a lot of people, when it comes to socks they don’t pay too much attention to the material. If you are like me, then you will agree that quality is everything. If you don’t place the same emphasis on your socks, then you may find a hole for your big toe to fit through sooner than expected. Not ideal for the winter is it? Despite their strong and elegant look, the London Sock Company’s designer socks collection is equally matched with functionality.

This collection of men’s designer socks is knitted with care and precision at their Scottish Lisle Cotton Yards, where the quality material used can promise you a long-lasting relationship with your socks.

Is winter nearby? Not a problem. Keep your feet warm with the most stylish cotton socks available today.

A bit about the London Sock Company

The London Sock Company takes inspiration from the gentleman style from the Victorian age. Whilst placing a bit of nostalgia into their products, they are able to re-invent this traditional classical look, by embedding the Victorian gentleman onto all of their designer socks.

Their focus is to provide the stylish gentlemen of today with a flexible range of luxurious designer socks to help maintain a smart and sleek image for any occasion.

For more information about the Victorian gentleman’s style and etiquettes click here.

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