Maxi skirts for this summer

Long skirts are perfect for the upcoming hot summer season. Why? let’s face it: it is the trend that never dies. Also it is super loose giving you a little bit of comfort on a hot day. So if you still have not got yourself a nice, long skirt, do it now. You will be making a good use of it for many years.

Maxi dress goes with absolutely anything, hence its versatility and the fact that you can wear it to a dinner, a date, a cocktail party or even to the beach. Actually, investing into one an be a very wise thing to do, especially because you can stretch it all into your winter looks with boots and tights. So yes, it is basically the best staple these days.

Check out some styling tips on maxi skirts in the leading role.

Long skirt and sneakers

tomboy tee. pleated skirt. adidas trainers.Once long skirts were associated exclusively with an elegant style as women were choosing them for weddings or fancy venues. Today a lot has changed and long skirts are happily used in a daily styling. It’s no wonder the combination of a long, flowing skirt with sneakers and a plain T-shirt is so popular. Women choose maxi skirts for comfort and freedom of movement. In addition, it slenderises the silhouette and match perfectly also office dress code. Here you have a proposition of a casual outfit. It is a combination of long, grey skirt with black, wide blouse and white sneakers. The look is extensive, loose, inspired by the style of the biggest bloggers.






Elegant version of a long skirt

Neutrals. Love the skirt but dragging on the ground is too long...: The curious fact from the fashion history is that at the very begging skirts were worn exclusively by men. It was not until the early nineteenth century that it landed in women’s wardrobes and stayed there till nowadays with little exceptions (Hi Scotland!). From then, many types, colours and models of the skirts have appeared. One of them is our beloved maxi skirt that looks absolutely fabulous in an elegant version in a shape of the letter ‘A’. Add a plain, simple silk or cotton top and high heels or even simple ballerinas to it and boost your look.
















Maxi hippie skirt

street style / casual flower print maxi skirt: The 70s gave us hippie style, famous concerts, the slogans of freedom and women often dressed in long, flowing floral skirts. This style is characterized by lack of barriers in combining colours, patterns and playing with the fashion. Not only this is a great outfit for a hot day, but also perfect for upcoming music festivals. For a long, patterned skirt choose a plain shirt and combine it with a colourful kimono. In this case, you can also go crazy with jewellery, which you do not have the opportunity to wear on a daily basis.

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