Military Style

Military clothing is the hit of this season! But often we might wonder if it is suitable for us? Definitely it is, just set it properly with other clothes. Here are some ideas for the perfect outfit in military style.

Military style for women

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Military clothing is a great choice for both elegant and casual wear. If you are wondering how to mix it with the rest of the content of your wardrobe, do not worry, it is not difficult. An excellent representative of this style are the shirts that we can combine with pencil skirts and maxi skirts. In addition, if you choose a looser version of a military shirt and put it inside the skirt, you will nicely profile and emphasise the silhouette, covering imperfections. However, if you are not a fan of this type of solutions and you feel much more comfortable in the pants, letting the shirt into their front of the trousers, you will also obtain a sexy military look. When you want to give a bit more of colour to your outfit, it is a good idea to choose from those with very stylish coloured patches.

The military clothing can be assembled with dark colours like black, brown and the lighter ones: white, cream. These shades blend well with the moro and khaki colors that can be worn with trousers, jackets and dresses. Such connections are a symbol of style and extravagance. It is important not to overdo the look by dressing up from head to toe in military style.






Military style for men

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In the case of men’s clothing in military style, we must remember not to exaggerate with the military trends when choosing a styling. You do not want to look like a soldier, do you?  It is therefore better to choose khaki clothes rather than those with a moro pattern or use moro just once like on the picture. Interesting combinations are trousers in the shade of white or black, a blouse and fashionable denim shirt or bomber jacket. Such styling will surely appeal to every man. First and foremost, it is associated with the comfort that is so important for a guy. A fashionable solution that fits perfectly into all male styling are T-shirts in olive or khaki colours.


If we want to gently emphasize the presence of the military style in the outfit, just select the appropriate accessories. In case of men, the idea are bags or backpacks made of leather or khaki cotton. I find absolutely stunning unisex sport shoes in this shade. On the other hand, in the case of women’s accent, a great idea is a bit of jewellery, introducing the climate of the safari to the look. And for the summer heat we recommend olive coloured hats that protect from the sun, and by the way, are a great fashion accessory.

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