Summer suits

Summer is as good a time as any to suit up. But now let’s take a little different approach to your everyday office clothing.

Light, flowy, with or without lining, with a shirt or polo, with leather moccasins or sports sneakers. This is a stylish hit – your summer suit.

Here you have a gentleman’s guide why it is so important to get a perfect summer suit.

LOUIS-NICOLAS DARBON : PhotoWear lighter materials

Summer suit is usually made of very thin wool or cotton. There is no unwoven fabric, so it does not stiffen the silhouette, often there is not even a lining. Men who wear suits often fear jackets without lining as they crumple so much easier than those with an additional layer of material. Quite unnecessary, because modern summer suit are often featured in an very soft, but durable material. It makes it an icon of a free elegance with an emphasis on freedom. In addition, jackets without lining are said to be the hottest trend in summer 2017.


How fast can you run with your wedge sneakers?Get a lighter style

The summer suit is by definition casual, so this is why it goes so well with other casual and sporty things. Try wearing it with a sports shirt buttoned collar and colourful moccasins or polo shirts and sneakers. Colourful scarves, small brimmed hats, big bags worn in the hand, or smaller ones over the shoulder – each of these things in the company of the suit gets a little bit more of a grace.

Linen, cotton, lightweight wool, silk, or a combination of these, make the best summer clothes. Many men recommend the crumpled, comfortable, casual style of linen. I believe that a pale blue or cream are the most classic and practical colours. Can be worn with a linen or seersucker shirt; no tie, or with a cotton floral tie and a silk or cotton pocket square in pale, sunny hues.

However, let’s make one thing clear: only American footballers wear the summer suit with a baseball cap 😉

Thick jute and heavy cotton suits in sad colors hide at the bottom of your wardrobe and get ready coloured handkerchiefs and thin, narrow ties. A good summer suit has it all up to take the formality and seriousness away. Who wants to be this way when the weather outside makes us dream only about hot beaches and crystal clear waters….

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